Your small business NEEDS a website.

Do you have one? A small business website is no longer something you can put off until later, when you’ve got more time or money. Having a website for your small business is like having an employee working 24/7, 365 marketing your business, without having to pay the employee benefits, and should be one of the first employees you hire.

Do a generic, local search for businesses like yours in your area. Do you see any of your competitors there? If not, that’s great. You’ll be the one customers flock to because they were able to find you where they look first, the internet. If you do see your competitors and you’re nowhere to be found, that’s bad for business.

Here’s how I can help

I will design your small business website on the WordPress platform. Building a WordPress-based website makes it easy for small business owners to add to or change the content on their website once it’s built. Having a sale this weekend? Let your customers know by adding an image or text to your website, without having to call or email a web designer to do it for you (which we know costs money).

I have developed this solution just for small business owners, not unlike myself. I know that scraping up $1000s for a website is painfully out of reach most of the time. The only reason a website should cost that much is because of the overhead. No overhead here, therefore I don’t have to charge as much for the exact same website.

What it costs

For $400 your small business can have a search-engine friendly, WordPress theme designed specifically for your small business.
Here’s what you get:

  • a custom designed home page, with widget areas where you want them
  • your custom theme delivered ready for installation on your web host
  • 2 hours of consultation time with me after delivery

If you desire additional custom page templates (ex. custom blog page, custom secondary page) I charge a fraction of the cost for each additional page template.

Check out the Services page to see the other services I offer to help small businesses.

Cheri Dixon, Small Business Website Designer

Cheri Dixon

Get in touch

You can quickly get in touch with me by filling out the form here. I look forward to helping you and your small business with all of your website needs.