Social Media Principles I Learned at the Face Painting Booth

4 Social Media Principles I Learned at the Face Painting Booth

This past weekend, my step-daughter and I spent the day at the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. We had a jam-packed day of music, dance studio performances, perusing the art vendors, children’s arts and crafts, and amusement rides.

Toward the end of the day, we stood in line for 40 minutes at the face painting booth. Why would we wait in such a long line for face paint? When it was our turn, my step-daughter was seated on the painter’s stool, and I had paid the artist the $10 for the design she chose, I had 10 minutes to think about the 4 artists in the face painting booth. I did the math and figured that each of them made about $60 per hour. I started thinking about how they stayed busy from open to close. They each made enough money in 3 days to equal what many people make in a month. Here’s what I learned from the face painting artists.

Face Painting Booth


These ladies knew exactly where they wanted to pitch their tent so their customers would see them. They were near the stage that hosted the area school bands, dance studios, and the like. Those on the stage and in the audience had to walk past the face painting booth to get to the stage. Talk about a perfect location.

When I think about location for my business, I think about where my customers hang out. My current and potential clients hang out on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Those are good places for my business to hang out too  – posting relevant content, reposting other’s great content, and interacting. Interacting is crucial.

The Power of Influence

As I mentioned before, we stood in line at the face painting booth for 40 minutes. The power of influence is why we did it. As the day progressed, we saw more and more painted faces in the crowds. I started the day thinking, “Wow, what a waste of money” but ended the day paying the artist $10 to paint my step-daughter’s face.

When you have a product, blog post, or social media post that gets the attention of a few people, they share it with a few more, and so on. Soon you have the power of influence working in your favor. Make sure you have social media share buttons on each product page and blog post to make it easy for your visitors to share the things they like on your website or blog. To facilitate Pinterest sharing, always be sure you have a “pin”able image on each page. I ran across a blog post yesterday that I thought would be of interest to my Pinterest followers. Lo and behold, no image, no share.

Give Them What They Want

My step-daughter had chosen a beautiful green half-face design for the artist to paint. When she was seated on the stool, the artist asked her if she wanted green or would she prefer another color. Since blue is her favorite, it was the obvious choice. They then discussed which shade of blue she liked best.

Who is the focus of your website, blog, and social media accounts? The correct answer is your customers. If your website focuses only on you and what you have to offer, I guarantee you are not giving your customers what they want. Potential customers who visit your website or blog want to know what’s in it for them. Be sure you are telling your visitors how your products or services are of benefit to them.

On your social media sites, please don’t advertise your business in every post. I won’t follow you. Chances are that most people feel the same. Find out what your followers like and share content that is useful to them. Share things that you like. You’re not all about your business, are you? Liven up your feed with excellent, relevant content that your followers would enjoy and relate to. Give your website, blog, and social media a personality.

Business with a Smile

These 4 artists I stood watching for 50 minutes really seemed to enjoy their jobs. All of them were smiling. The artists’ smiles got even brighter after seeing their customers’ reaction to their freshly painted faces in the hand-held mirror.

Face PaintTake a look at how you’re presenting yourself and your business. Does your website/blog show how much you love your job? Do your social media posts convey that as well? Due to the fact that the artists were pleasant and conveyed their love for what they do, I gladly handed over $10 and told the artist I thought that was a bargain. Enthusiasm is catchy.

To summarize, do as the face painters:

  1. Hang out where your customers are.
  2. Give your customers/followers content that they want to share with their friends.
  3. Give your website, blog, and social media sites a personality.
  4. Share your enthusiasm for what you do.

Share your ideas for engaging your audience on social media sites in the comments below. I would love to hear how your business does it.

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